DFW Pinball League

           Bringing low cost, competitive pinball to Dallas, Fort Worth, and the entire North Texas region!

The original North Texas pinball league!

Thanks to our efforts, there are now multiple leagues in North Texas, running at multiple venues.

This, the original league, travels to some of the best North Texas game rooms and private pinball collections from April through December every year! For each event, you would usually pay somewhere between $2 and $5 to the pinball league to cover the IFPA fees and event costs. Generally, I will not turn anyone away over money at the events hosted at people's homes (private pinball collections). If you can't pay, I will pay for you! The league itself and league sponsored tournaments are always this inexpensive. 

Occasionally, there will be a charity component (ask) as well. When this happens, you must be able to pay this. Usually the charity asks are small. For example, the Toad Suck Shootout is a charity event that opens out league every year and the ask there is for an a minimum of $20 (which goes towards a the CHS Scholarship fund).

These leagues are for ALL SKILL LEVELS. We have had players as young as 3 years old and as old as 81 in our leagues. So everyone is welcome - Just come , hang out , eat , drink , & play pinball!

The CALENDAR of events on this site includes all regional/national events that might affect people from our area, the DFW Pinball League, and any events that are run by Louis Marx.  

Most events are sanctioned by the International Flipper Pinball Association: https://www.ifpapinball.com/

Find more details on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/164360813769869/ or email marx.pinball@gmail.com for Louis Marx, DFW Pinball League Tournament Director.

2020 DFW Pinball League
Explanation and Specific Rules!

At each normal league event we actually have two events going on:
(1) A league event
(2) A standalone IFPA tournament
Why do we do this?
A lot of our serious competitors need "WPPR Points" and by running the two concurrent events, this provides more points.
We provide hours upon hours of pinball fun - YOU choose how much you participate. Its totally up to you! Play as much or as little as you like!

In the Tournaments:
We give prizes for both A and B Division players -- so ALL SKILL LEVELS CAN WIN!
A person who has placed in the TOP 4 in A division in the past 2 events will be ineligible for B Division play. This helps leave the B division prizes for B division players!

League Structure:
Each league will consists of 3 Events.
---- The first TWO EVENTS will be "best score" format - players will have unlimited number of attempts on a group of machines to get the best score possible. The system will take the best score(s) submitted by each player, for each machine within the parameters of the event.
---- By IFPA rule, to be eligible got playoffs/finals any player that qualifies must participate in 50% or more of the qualifying games. Therefore EACH qualifier will have the same number of qualifying scores required. By doing this, while a player can attend both, a player may attend only ONE of the TWO qualifiers and still be eligible for the playoffs. 
--- The third event will be the playoffs/finals. The TOP 16 players that attend will be allowed to play in this event. Thus, if a player in the top 16 fails to attend, that person's spot will be given to the next highest ranked qualifying player present. The number of players will be reduced as needed (highly unlikely). Examples of this are situations in which 16 people don't attend or if the league had less than 32 people qualify. 
--- League standings coming into the playoffs will be posted in the official Facebook group. I will also try to post them here, but no guarantees as the Facebook info is what's official. 
--- League playoffs will be a strikes tournament (a player is eliminated after receiving a preset number of strikes). 

--- How do I make it to the league playoffs -- LEAGUE SCORING (please note that this is LEAGUE scoring, not WPPR points - WPPR points come from the IFPA based on final league results):

  1. Each player gets 20 league points just for attending a qualifier/playing with us (so 40 points is available from 2 qualifiers)
  2. Each player gets 1 point per person beaten in the event (so the person in 10th place would get 18 points when 28 people play).
  3. Next, to insure accurate playoff seeding we add BONUS points based on where a players finishes in each qualifier. BONUS points are as follows: 
    1st 50 Points                                                         6th 15 Points
    2nd 40 Points                                                       7th 10 Points
    3rd 30 Points                                                         8th 8 Points
    4th 25 Points                                                         9th 5 Points
    5th 20 Points                                                        10th 2 Points
  4. For ties in playoffs, results are reported based on seed coming into the playoffs. 

Current League Events

DFW 2020 Spring League



Sat April 4, 2020 at 1 PM -
The legendary Pinball Rebel, Ken Kemp, and his family open their amazing game room in Colinsville, TX for their annual TOAD SUCK SHOOTOUT. As always we runs OPEN OUR LEAGUE YEAR at this event, running league at the same time that this charity event is going on.
This is a charity event for the local school district's college scholarship fund.
The charity pinball tournament requires a minimum donation of $22 ($20 for charity and $2 for required IFPA fees).
Come support a great cause! 

Sat April 18, 2020 at 1 PM - 
Bobby Niefer once again opens his famous "Lord of the Rings" Dungeon/Game Room for our league finals in Watauga, Texas, as seen on Channel 8 TV and other media outlets. You can not miss this game room! Facebook event page coming soon!

Sat May 2, 2020 at 1 PM - 
Rickie and Lori Carson open their amazing game room in Carrollton, TX for league playoffs / finals. They have a beautiful collection of 80s solid state games mixed with a couple of modern machines and an EM too.
Don't let the words "playoffs / finals" scare you away! 
ANYONE can come to this event because after the league playoffs end, sometime between 3 and 4, we will start a tournament open to the public, than ANYONE can play in. Its a party so come join us!
Facebook event page coming soon!

For exact addresses - as they become available -
* Contact Louis Marx
* View the league Facebook page
* Look at the Access IFPA app
* Look at the Tournament Calendar on the IFPA Pinball website.

2020 Schedule of D/FW League Events AND Nearby Major Pinball Events


April 4 - Toad Suck Shootout (Charity) and Spring League Event 1 in Collinsville, TX
April 18 - Spring League Event 2 in Watauga, TX
May 2 - Spring League Playoffs/Finals in Carrollton, TX
May 9 - Summer League Event 1 in Garland, TX
June 6 - Summer League Event 2 in Southlake, TX
Fall 2020 - Vector Makerspace EM event, Carrollton, TX
October ?? - Fall League Event, Collinsville, TX
December ?? - Winter League Event, Watauga, TX


March 27-28 - Texas Pinball Festival Wizards Tournament, Frisco, TX
May 22-24 - Silverball Showdown, Oklahoma City, OK
May 30-31 - Titan Pinball 2020 Southwest Regional Pin-Masters, Free Play Arcade, Arlington, TX 
June 7 - St. Louis Area Pinball Championship, Roxana, IL
June 26-28 - Bat City Open, Austin, TX
July 9-12 - Pinburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
July 30-August 2 - Mid-America Summer Classic, Oklahoma City, OK
August 21-23 - Keeper of the Drains, Wichita, KS
October 24 - Fourth Occasional Rick Rodgers Pinball Tourney and Costume Party, Hope, Arkansas
November 13-14 - Space City Open, Houston, TX

Titan Pinball 2020 Southwest Regional Pin-Masters

Qualifier for the 2021 IFPA Pin-Masters World Championship

REGISTRATION LINK:  https://freeplayinc.com/tickets/

Want to see when your friends are playing before you actually register: https://freeplayinc.com/tickets/players/

Free Play Arcade at 400 E. South Street in Arlington, Texas is proud to host the Titan Pinball 2020 Southwest Regional Pin-Masters IFPA tournament. 

This two day tournament will run May 30 and 31. Titan Pinball has generously sponsored this year's Southwest Regional Pin-Masters AND they've increased their cash prize pool commitment by 67% from last year. Titan Pinball has committed to providing $2500 in cash to the prize pool! Pin-Masters is the IFPA Sanctioned Pin-Golf World Championship!

This event is a qualifier for the 2021 PIN-MASTERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Titan Pinball wants to make sure EVERYONE can win. Thus, this event has both A and B divisions and CASH will be awarded in both divisions! $1500 will go to the winner BUT you don't have to be a pinball wizard to win in this tournament: "B division" has a $1000 total in cash prize payouts as well - so everyone has a chance to win!! Additionally, your entry fees will be added to the "A" division prize pool (minus valid expenses for the tournament). 

First Place will win $1500 in cash! This includes $1400 for winning the tournament and $100 for entry into the 2021 IFPA Pin-Masters Championship. The IFPA covers HALF the entry, this $100 represents the other half (separate registration still required once made available by the IFPA).
Additionally: Trophies or Quality Plaques will be given to top players in each division. A Division will have Top 8 payouts with 32-63 paid participants OR Top 16 payouts with 64+ paid participants. Prize pool subject to increase based on participation.

Regular Entry is $60 per person which is $40 to the tournament and $20 to the venue (granting unlimited access to the venue for both days). Please note that all games at this venue are set for FREE PLAY so no coins are needed.Novice entry for those that want to play but aren't interested in the money is FREE with paid admission to Free Play Arcade. This will be based on availability as priority time slots are given to those that pre-register with payment.

(per venue requirement)
(1) All children in Free Play Arcade must be directly supervised by a guardian at all times;
(2) anyone under 21 must vacate the arcade by 9:00 PM on Friday and Saturday.This should not adversely affect ANYONE playing in the tournament.

SATURDAY MAY 30 (Noon AM to 9 PM Tee Times Available) There will be 5 tee times available per half hour during qualifying. Walk-ups will be accepted for any slot times that are not pre-filled and there a 6 "flex" slots available throughout - Thus, the tournament will be limited to a maximum of 96 players. Each player must complete in ALL nine holes/games. Each player may only qualify once (play all 9 holes once).On Qualifying Day, since you only need to be present for 9 games/holes, there will also be an IFPA sanctioned SIDE tournament tat everyone can play in. More details about this SIDE event will be posted later (in a separate event posting).
Check-in for Playoffs starts at 11 AM. Playoffs will start at NOON**** Anyone not checked in by NOON will be disqualified and replaced by the next higher seed ****Prize Pools are determined by number of paid entries plus amount from event sponsor minus tournaments costs. Prize pools amounts will be announced on Sunday May 31 one I have final numbers.

 Covered on the event Facebook Page at :

Needless to say, we will be giving away thousands of dollars at ALL skills level (for example, $1000 is dedicated to the B Division).

Up to 5 people can be scheduled for each tee time. Time slots are available EVERY half hour from NOON through 9 PM. Tee Times already booked/reserved are viewable via website -

To book your tee time, please pre-register via the registration Link: https://freeplayinc.com/tickets/

Primary Tournament Director: Louis Marx - marx.pinball@gmail.comBackup / Assistant Tournament Directors: Marcus Trevino, Chris Delp, Lora Tennison, Billy Rodifer, and Sandra Hegeman.Note that other tournament officials MAY be appointed prior to the event if needed and this list of directors is subject to change without notice.Each Pin-Hole will consist of a pinball machine with a
TARGET SCORE. As in any golf event, a lower tournament Pin-Strokes score is better. The number of balls it takes for the player to reach that target score will represent the number of Pin-Strokes earned for that hole. Should a player not reach the target score after a full game is completed, a stroke value will be determined based on how close the player was to the target score at the end of their game.For example, with a target score of 10 million points. A player will continue playing the game until he/she reaches 10 million points. If reached, the number of balls it took to reach that score will be recorded for that Pin-Hole. If the player fails to reach the target score after 5 balls are played, they will be awarded a score based on how close they were to that target:
8,000,000 - 9,999,990 points = 6 strokes

6,000,000 - 7,999,990 points = 7 strokes
4,000,000 - 5,999,990 points = 8 strokes
2,000,000 - 3,999,990 points = 9 strokes
0 - 1,999,990 points = 10 strokes
PLAYOFFS / FINALS will be a Pin-Golf elimination tournament:There will be a check-in period from 11 AM to Noon on Sunday. Any playoff contender that does not check in BEFORE NOON will be replaced by the next highest seed among the competitors.If a player knows they will be late they can reach out to Louis Marx.As long as the LAST group in your division has not tee-ed off we will accept that person's entry. Just make sure that Louis Marx knows that the player is on their way - and don't be too late!
Make sure we acknowledge your message. We are not responsible for tech failures! ... even better, just BE ON TIME!
No more than 50% of the original entrants, in multiples of 4 players, will qualify for the A Division playoffs.
The B Division playoffs will be the same size as, or smaller than the A division playoffs. B Division will either be played on a separate group of machines or, if overlap is needed, A Division will get priority.
The A Division playoffs will be started before the B Division playoffs. Even so, ALL check in times are the same (11 AM to Noon).
Playoffs will be played in 4-player groups using Pin-Golf scoring, with a course of 3 holes, the top 2 players advance out of each group. This continues until there is a final group of 4 players. This group will then play in the finals, under the same format.
ENTIRE TOURNAMENT: No tiebreakers. Ties will ONLY be broken if such is needed to determine the final seed for the playoffs or if there is a tie for first place (in the finals). Tiebreakers will occur on a machine selected using the randomizer function at https://matchplay.events. Should a player earn an extra ball, they will play it as a continuation of the same Pin-Stroke on that particular Pin-Hole. So an extra ball earned on ball 2 will be a continuation of ball 2. Novice entry is FREE but novice's are not eligible to win cash.The tournament is open for anyone to participate in but priority will be given to pre-registered, paid players. Walk-up PAID entrants are also welcomed if capacity permits.Tournament Directors are human. We do our best to follow the rules 100% and when in doubt we talk amongst ourselves and consult the IFPA rules. That said, all decisions are final and will follow IFPA standard rules to the best of our abilities. Please note that poor behavior and/or language may result in a yellow card (warning) or red card (ejection). Anyone ejected from the tournament may be asked to leave and will NOT receive a refund.

Pinstack Irving/Las Colinas Monthly League Night Tournament


Giving away at least 3 Stern Translites (valued ast $100 - $150 each) per event and MANY Great B Division Prizes too - So ALL SKILL LEVELS can win prizes!

PINSTACK - 2750 W Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Irving, TX 75063

Cost: FREE to enter but the pinball machines do charge on a per-game basis.

These events will take place on:
January 12
February 9
March 8
April 12
May 10
June 14
July 12
August 9
September 9
October 13
November 8
December 13

These events includes A and B division prizes including amazing exclusive prizes direct from Stern in Chicago and the latest titles running the latest code from Stern Pinball! 

On any of the event dates, you can qualify ANYTIME between 2 PM and 6 PM. You do NOT need to be present the whole time. 
Playoffs then run from 6:15 to 8:30 PM.

Join us for IFPA sanctioned pinball action!

Large screen TVs all over this venue so you can watch the game (NFL, NBA, Etc...) while you play in the tournament!

Very good food and drinks are available on site - full service restaurant - full service bar!

The venue is FREE to enter and your IFPA fees are also included. The machines do charge on a per-game basis.

Playoffs will be either PAPA Style (group match play elimination) or head to head bracket Which format we use depends on the number of players.

Again, includes A and B DIVISIONS with prizes for BOTH so EVERYONE can win!
All ages welcome. Free parking. Free admission.

**GAMES LIST AS OF 1/1/2020**
Guardians of the Galaxy Pro
Deadpool Pro
Star Wars Pro
Beatles Gold
Batman 66 Premium
Walking Dead Pro
Spider Man Premium Vault
Aerosmith Pro
Ghostbusters Pro
Iron Maiden Pro

Thanks again to sponsors of the 7th Annual Alan Marx Memorial IFPA Fundraiser (Sept. 2019)

Gold Sponsors

Beading Dreams (Dallas, Texas)

BOS Pinball, LLC

Buffalo Billiards (6th Street, Austin, Texas)

Kim the Wine Lady

The Marx Family of Garland, Texas
No website provided

Peek's Flooring Company

Silver Sponsors

Dallas Mavericks

Sarah Brodeur

Texas Rangers

Titan Pinball

Bronze Sponsors
Jackie Marx
Keith Holbrook / Total Pinball Restorations 
Michael Marx
Pinball Wheezer

Previous Event Details

We will always try to keep at least 9 months of league info archived
(more if we have space on the site) listed below:

DFW 2019 Spring League

4/6 - TSS in Collinsville, TX
4/28 - Neifer home in Watauga, TX
5/18 - Finals - Carson home in Carrollton, TX

Final League Top 4:
1. Kevin Rodriguez
2. Lynn Lyons
3. James Schultz
4. Ken Kemp

Titan Pinball 2019 Southwest Regional Pin-Masters

5/24 - 5/25
Qualifiers at BOS Pinball Lounge in Garland, Texas
5/26 - Finals at BOS Pinball Lounge Garland, Texas

Final Standings - Top 4:
1. Steve Bowden
2. Warren Joe
3. Tim Tennison
4. Kevin Rodriguez

DFW 2019 Summer League

6/8 - Martin home in Richarson, TX
7/7 - Loeckle home in Southlake, TX
8/4 - Finals - Davis / Dean home in Sherman, TX

Final League Top 4:
1. Billy Roadifer
2. James Schultz
3. Louis Marx
4. David Whitlock

DFW 2019 Summer II League

8/24/19 - Devino/Wylie home in Carrollton, TX
9/2/19 - Labor Day Blowout at the Moore home in Princeton, TX
9/14/19 - Finals - Merki home in Denton, TX

Final League Top 4:
1. Austin Kemp
2. Ken Kemp
3. Tim Tennison
4. Warren Joe

DFW 2019 Fall League

9/22/19 - Alan Marx Memorial in Garland, TX
9/28/19 - Nunnelee home in McKinney, TX
10/6/19 - Finals - Kemp home in Collinsville, TX

Final League Top 4:
1. Austin Kemp
2. Zach Palmer
3. Ken Kemp
4. Kevin Rodriguez

DFW 2019 Winter League

10/20/19 - Danis home in Flower Mound, TX
11/3/19 - Keist home in Lakeside, TX
12/8/19 - Niefer home in Watauga, TX

Final League Top 4:
1. Billy Roadifer
2. Zach Palmer
3. Christopher Heskett 
4. Ken Kemp

Site Update Details (minimum of 5 updates):

Sunday March 1
Updated event calendar and changed calendar photo to reflect that we support the Mid-America Pinball Tour
Posted details of 2020 Spring League to the site
Updated text and minor corrections in several places on the site

Friday February 14, 2020
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Posted results from 2019 Winter League
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Sunday January 12, 2020
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Posted results from the 2019 Summer League.
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Updated league calendar for 2019 Summer II finals location and added October 6 date.

Saturday August 3, 2019
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For More Information

about playing in pinball tournaments in North Texas:

Contact: Marcus Trevino or Louis Marx on Facebook or email with questions...

...or go to the DFW Pinball League Facebook Page at this address: